Group A Strept tonsillopharyngitis

Quick points to remember:

  • During early spring 30-40% of pharyngitis are caused by group A streptococcus.
  • You will find in the following illustrations much of the clinical features, diagnosis and penicillin as the atb of choice.
  • Remember a viral infection may have a coryza, coughing and horaseness as features. Also it presents with anterior stomititis and palate vesicles, instead of petechiae, so typical of strept infection.
  • Finally, in children younger than 3, an atypical presentation is possible with nasal discharge and low grade fever.
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Group A strept tonsillopharyngitis clinical features in a 3 year old child, older or adolescent. Click to enlarge and download.
Throat examination, diagnosis and penicillin as the main atb to use. Click to enlarge and download.

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-The Plague Doctor


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