Lower limb vascular disease: PAD vs. DVT

  • Peripheral artery disease:
    • Smoking related, much likely caused by.
    • Sclerotic arteries won’t allow a good blood flow and can’t regulate pressure and perfusion. Tissue becomes hypoxic.
    • Pulses are weak and slow, and sometimes they are impossible to find using our fingers.
    • Leg hurts, specially when walking, claudication occurs.
    • Leg also looks pale and it’s cold, as metabolism is reduced.
    • Tissue infarction will ultimately occur. Ulcers appear and unless patient stops smoking, there will be no cure in the long run.
    • A chronic disease can become acute, with a sudden important artery occluding completely, with intense symptoms and will require urgent solution to avoid limb loss.
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  • Deep venous thrombosis:
    • Hyper-coagulability state and immobilty related. Think about it in a patient with a recent surgery, specially after long bone injury, a diagnosed active cancer, and/or a prior DVT of course.
    • Also think about women and hormones: Pregnancy, postpartum, high oestrogen from HRT or using OAC.
    • Arteries seem ok, so blood flows and tissue will be perfused. Pulses are strong.
    • Problem is a clot develops in the venous system making the return of blood difficult.
    • Leg gets congested with blood and fluids, it appears large.
    • Also, it becomes warm and dark as it gets more and more swollen. Of course it hurts.
    • If the superficial venous system is affected only (phlebitis), anti-inflammatory measures may suffice until collateral branches develop.
    • If the deep venous system is clotted, a urgent solution may be needed. At least we must stop more clot developing using anticoagulants.
    • The more proximal the thrombus is in the deep system, the higher the risk of embolism, specially pulmonary, which is the worst life threatening complication.


  • Make sure you have the differences very, very clear.

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